Verdell Gary, Jr.
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Verdell Gary, Jr. who was born in Connecticut on January 09, 1969 and passed away on October 27, 2004 at the age of 35. We will remember him forever.
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Your 50th!   / Me
Wow! Today you would have been 50!! The kids and I celebrated YOU today. We love you, miss you and life still have a void that will never be filled. Love you tons!! Timi
Today  / Me
Hi Honey! You are missed, you are thought of and you are NEVER forgotten. Jordan is more and more like you everyday - your humor, your smoothness and your sense of humor! Jill has your height, your drive for research on things you are not sure of a...  Continue >>
Never Forgotten   / Miz J. (Friend)
The strength you found, and also gave, is still in your family. Timi has done a great job. You will never be forgotten Soop. The imprint you left in this big and kind as you were...assured that. Miss you my friend.
Such an Anniversary   / Miz J. (Friend)
Of one of the truly greatest loves I’ve ever known.
Happy 49th   / Me
Happy Birthday Honey!! You are truly missed each and every day. Wish we could celebrate. The kids and I had a cake for you! You'd think after all these years it would be easier ...but it's not. I love you ... always have and always will.
13 yrs  / Me     Read >>
HFD / Me     Read >>
Happy Birthday!  / Miz J. (Friend)    Read >>
12 ...  / Me     Read >>
HFD / Timi     Read >>
Anniversary / Miz J. (Friend)    Read >>
Happy Birthday Soop!  / Miz J. (Friend)    Read >>
11 years ...  / Me :)     Read >>
HFD / Timi     Read >>
HBD!! / Timi     Read >>
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